Mandurah Rental Inspection Cleaning

Everyone who rents knows the part they hate – the dreaded rental inspection.

There is nothing worse than a real estate agent meandering through your home with a clipboard and a mission to track down every single dust particle.

So why not take away that stress and let someone do it for you, like Bec from Beci’s Dust Busters.

With over 12 years of experience that began in the Eastern States before moving to the gorgeous Peel Region, cleaning is what she loves and what you will love her doing.

A rental inspection is definitely the worse part about renting.  You have to buy all of the cleaning products and spend much of a whole day trying to make the home up to standard.  If you have ever been through a rental inspection you know how it can feel like an audition.

So take away the hassle, free up your time, and let Bec help you pass that audition with flying colours.

Mandurah Rental Inspection Cleaning